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Governments are pushing for a complete decarbonization of energy within few years. Concerns over pollution, emissions, waste and biodiversity loss have been in evidence for over half a century, but now those concerns are becoming reality at an exponential rate. Many companies are following global directives and are transforming their business models in favor of a carbon neutral ecosystem.
However, moving to electric vehicle is not the solution if, at the end, the energy is produced with fossil fuel or nuclear fission reactors using Uranium. Uranium is scarce and fission reactors generate long term radioactive waste, burdening future generations.

What we want to achieve with Deutelio is the decarbonization of the energy production. Furthermore, the consumption of energy will increase in the future and only Deuterium, which is abundant in nature, can satisfy the need of everybody in the world.

The combination of doing better in business and doing good beyond business – sustainability – following right practices, controls and procedures focused on Environment and Society – ESG – have set the fundamentals for the green economy, but the driver of this transformation remains the production of clean energy.


Deutelio aims at exploiting soon the nuclear fusion energy by magnetic confinement of plasma with the Polomac configuration. This is a steady state system with a confinement efficiency of 70-80%, compatible with the Deuterium to Deuterium reaction. Deuterium is available in nature and it is already marketed in form of heavy water.

The Tokamak is the baseline of world fusion research on thermonuclear plasma, but hardly it will become a commercial fusion reactor, due to its poor confinement efficiency of 3-5% and the need to produce Tritium.

The high efficiency of the Polomac is based on the experimental results of the theta-pinch configuration, applied now in the closed form, made possible by the magnetic tunnels invented recently.


Deutelio wants first to build a small prototype of the Polomac for tuning and experimental validation with hydrogen, then to design, build and sell small heat generators operating with Deuterium and finally to develop and sell electrical generation plants with superconducting magnets.

Deutelio is open to collaborations with Universities and research institutions to speed up the exploitation of new clean energy. Deutelio would reach external skills and existing facilities, while providing further Polomac prototypes for parallel experiments and training students.

Benefits of
fusion energy

Fusion Energy of hydrogen is a clean a sustainable source of energy. It replicates the process powering the stars, such as our sun.

It does not affect the atmosphere with carbon emission nor involve radioactive products.

The fuel is Deuterium, a natural isotope of hydrogen. The exhaust Helium is an inert gas and does not harm the environment.

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