Executive Summary

Short-term industrial exploitation of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium to
produce thermal and then electrical energy, through the magnetic confinement with the
Polomac scheme invented by Deutelio.

A small prototype for the experimental validation of the Polomac model. The model was
invented by Filippo (one of the founders) and the principle was published on a scientific
journal in 2014. Since then, Filippo continued the analysis and designed the machine.

Value Proposition of the Polomac
1) works stably and continuously and it is less complex to build
2) does not require tritium (not available in nature and needs to be produced)
3) is assembled with conventional (off-the-shelf) components

Roadmap of Deutelio
The project is divided in two phases. In the first phase (3-4 years) Deutelio will build the
prototype and validate the Polomac model. Thereafter, in the second phase Deutelio will
develop a fusion reactor to production of heat and then to production of energy.


The Polomac (invented by Filippo) is a steady state system with a confinement efficiency of 70-80%, compatible with the Deuterium to Deuterium reaction. Deuterium is available in nature and it is already marketed in form of heavy water.

The high efficiency of the Polomac is based on the experimental results of the theta-pinch configuration, applied now in the closed form, made possible by the magnetic tunnels invented recently.


To develop a Fusion reactor based on the Polomach model, Deutelio will go through three key milestone. First of all, Deutelio will build a small prototype of the Polomac for tuning and experimental validation using hydrogen. Following this, Deutelio plans to design, build, and market compact heat generators powered by Deuterium. Ultimately, we aim to develop and sell electrical generation plants equipped with superconducting magnets.

Deutelio welcomes collaborations with universities and research institutions to accelerate the advancement of clean energy solutions. By partnering with us, you gain access to our innovative Polomac prototypes for concurrent experiments and student training, while we benefit from your expertise and facilities.

Why Fusion

Fusion reactors can be sold across the world as a clean (no radioactive waste) and limitless energy source, replacing fossil fuel. Different from the fission reactors, fusion is safe as it cannot explode (no nuclear accident or incident).

Indeed, Fusion replicates the process powering the stars, such as our sun. It does not affect the atmosphere with carbon emission nor involve radioactive products.

The fuel is Deuterium, a natural isotope of hydrogen. The exhaust Helium is an inert gas and does not harm the environment.

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