Status quo

Deutelio is presenting the business idea to national and international players (VCs, private companies, universities, and others) to fund the construction of the prototype of the Polomac.

Unfortunately, disinformation around fusion energy deviates private and public funds from promoting research activities of independent startups and exploring different lines, especially in Europe. With this setup, it is impossible to achieve commercial reactors to produce clean and sustainable energy before 2050.

For this reason, we have launched a crowdfunding to support the promotion of Deutelio and to attract public and private investments (e.g., from VCs). Everyone plays a key role in this ecological transformation, also citizens.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, we have created certificates of donation. Every donation is recorded, and supporters can verify the total amount of funds and track every transaction. This enhances trust and transparency.


Donations will be collected on a blockchain wallet to be transparent and to benefit from an agile and efficient system offered by the blockchain technology. Supporters can donate when they want (e.g., immediately), what they want (e.g., Ether, Bitcoin) and how much they want.

Deutelio has created four categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) of NFTs, which are mint on the Polygon blockchain. The NFTs are sold on the largest and most popular marketplace OpenSea where Deutelio has its own account and collection.

Each donation counts and needs to be transparent. Hence, Deutelio has set a maximum number of copies for each category (supply) and a minimum price of each category (floor). In addition, Deutelio has set a fee (royalty) on the purchase to reduce speculative actions.


0,1 ETH

10’000 copies



5’000 copies


10 ETH

1’000 copies


25 ETH

100 copies

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Thank you

Thank you for your support and trust. If you have any questions, please send us an email using the contact form.

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