We are using Deutelio or its affiliates (“we”, “us”, “our”, “team”) to refer to Deutelio and “you”, “yours”, “user” to refer at the people not mentioned under the section “PEOPLE”.


Deutelio is currently only a project and not a legal entity. The core team described in the section PEOPLE is raising additional funds through a crowdfunding to be able to found a startup.

The core team is based in Italy (primary location) and in Switzerland. The startup will probably be established in Italy as an innovative startup, but it might be necessary to open a headquarter in Switzerland for managing the funds received in crypto currencies.

The team will update all the shareholders using the website and the social media accounts.


We are funding the project through donations and hence, who is supporting this project will not receive reimbursements or other types of charges in the future.

We are not tracking the donators and we will use this money for financing the project described in the website.

The crowdfunding and the related activities will be published on the social media accounts to make everyone aware of the current status.


The project presented on the website or on the social media accounts, including all the pictures and information developed by the team, constitutes the proprietary intellectual property of Deutelio.

By accessing the website or the social media accounts, you agree not to directly or indirectly copy, modify, or use the content (e.g., text, pictures, posts) without our explicit and written permission. In addition, you agree that you will follow the laws, regulations, policies, and ethical rules. This does also consist in not interrupting or attempt to interrupt the operation of Deutelio, all the assets such as the website and social media account.