Filippo Elio
Inventor of the Polomac and Project Leader

He started the activity in nuclear fusion in 1984 for the design and construction of RFX at CNR Padova (Italy) within the European Fusion Program. In 1991 he was responsible for R&D in a private company.
In 1994 he joined the ITER Central Team in Garching (Germany) for the design of vessel, blanket and ancillaries. Since 2003 he contributed to urgent improvements of the W7X Stellarator. In 2007 he moved to the Joint Research Centre of the EU Commission.

In 2010, spurred by the troubles affecting ITER and the fading schedule towards the fusion energy, he started reviewing past fusion experiments and checking for alternatives to the Tokamak. Equipped with experience in all the relevant research lines as well as engineering experience from private industry, he reinvented the poloidal magnetic confinement of the plasma. In 2014 the Polomac concept is published on Fusion Engineering and Design Vol. 89.
He tried to develop and test this approach in any Euratom laboratory, but his proposal was not accepted to avoid competition with international projects financed with public funds. In 2019 he resigned from the EU Commission to work full time on the design of a Polomac reactor.

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Francesco Elio
Business Manager

The project is administrated by Francesco, who has international experiences in business consulting and transactions strategy. In addition to his working experiences within a Big4 company, he owns a master degree in Business and Economics and a CAS in General Compliance Management.

He is passionate about energy and advanced manufacturing which are two drivers of a sustainable and green economy. He is also fascinated about blockchain technology, because it has introduced a new way of doing business.

Environmental Social and corporate Governance (ESG) is a very important topic for Francesco and it is the baseline for Deutelio. Indeed, our donators and investors are supporting a social and environmental transformative project rather than a standard business.

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