We are using Deutelio or its affiliates (“we”, “us”, “our”, “team”) to refer to Deutelio and “you”, “yours”, “user” to refer at the people not mentioned under the section “PEOPLE”.

Data protection

Deutelio does not collect personal information through the website.

Personal information shared by you through other channels (e.g., via email) are either immediately deleted or kept secured by putting in place a good practice approach.

Deutelio does not gain any advantage by storing your data and, if you wish that Deutelio stores and shares your information with others, you need to make us aware in a written form.

Security of information and personal data are very important for us and we will try to make our best to apply high standards and modern practices in matters of privacy and protection of personal data.


The website was developed using one of the most popular open-source systems and, almost all websites, it uses cookies that improves your navigation experience. Cookies are not used by Deutelio, but are used by the end user to improve the end user experience while navigating on internet.

We recommend clearing your cookies on a regular basis or to adjust the settings of the cookies in your browser.


Deutelio is a growing business, and it is improving day by day. For this reason, the content of the website, the legal documents, pictures and all the other data and information could be modified. We will do our best to inform all the users (upfront or after) through our social media channels.


For any questions, please feel free to contact us using our social media accounts or by sending us an email to

Please note that we are responding to messages which are against the law or against the common ethical guidelines of a modern society.